Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Peaceful Time

Every day after work, when the weather is nice, my husband and I sit on our deck and drink coffee and quietly enjoy life. We watch the birds at our bird feeders and in our bird bath. We watch the squirrels play. We watch the fish in our fish pool. It's one of my greatest joys in life, a peaceful time.

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Rambler said...

Hi Ernie! I enjoyed reading your journal entry of "A peaceful time".It sounds wonderfully relaxing and like a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a "saint"!(: I just have one question (actually I have a lot of questions but this is a really small box.) Is there a lifeguard on duty at all times for the fish pool?! I shall visit again if that is alright with you?! take care. Hummies Hubbie.(: