Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vacation Over Blues

Tomorrow I go back to work. And that makes me really, really sad. I've had four wonderful days of vacation (plus 2 days this weekend) with glorious weather, no demands, no getting out of bed early and no demanding boss making life miserable while I smile and act like it's ok. I loved EVERY minute of my 4+2 days and I'm really depressed that they are almost over. I set up a photography studio on my deck and played around with learning my camera, I went to a small plaza downtown and took stop action photos of the fountain. I ate lunch at my favorite restaurants. I spent lots of quality time with Cowgirl, Sidekick and Stripes sitting peacefully on our deck. I just generally loved my life. Sigh. Guess I had better get out on the deck and enjoy my last few hours instead of pining away inside and dreading tomorrow.

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Mary said...

I can empathize with you. It is always hard to go back after a vacation or a long weekend. The best part of time off for me is not waking up to the horrible sound of an alarm. I still wake up early, but naturally to the light.