Saturday, July 21, 2007

Watercolors? Not Really.

Wanna see what I've been doing? Well, will you just take a peek? I've been doing some "digital tomfoolery" with some photos I took. It's been fun and I kinda' like the results! I'm going to use these "watercolors" on some notecards and give them as gifts.


Mary said...

I like your watercolors. Did you do these in Paint Shop Pro? I like messing around with photos, too. I picked up a method to make a photo look like an oil painting in one of my classes.

You can buy an inkjet version of watercolor paper. I have only found it online. In fact, there are lots of specialty inkjet papers at some of the online art stores.

Mary said...

I am almost sure I ordered the watercolor paper from United Art and Education when I ordered some inkjet shrink film for a student project. But they no longer have that particular product. I did find a selection of inkjet art papers at Jerry's Artarama. I have ordered from them before.

If you put "inkjet watercolor paper" in Google, you will get lots of hits. You may recognize some of the suppliers. You might even find it in an art supply store in Atlanta. It is just something you will not find at the office supply store.

Mary said...

Let me try the link for Jerry again.

Jerry's Artarama

Hummie said...

Very cool! Those would make great cards!

Hummie said...

Hey, you need a new post! giggle...happy 42nd anniversary!