Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. My mother, my husband and I went to Callaway Gardens this weekend for the express purpose of seeing the Hot Air Balloon Festival, and most particularly "the Glow" on Friday night. But nature intervened with some gusty, rainy weather Friday night, and the Glow and the festival were cancelled. So I didn't have high expectations for the weather Saturday. And Saturday was grey and overcast - PERFECT for seeing the Gardens in August. We had the most wonderful day visiting the Horticultural Center and the Butterfly House. We ate at the Gardens Restaurant, sitting out on the deck overlooking the golf course and just enjoyed life and each other. I'm so glad I decided to invite my mother. I wasn't sure that she could handle all of the walking involved but she did just great, never once having to sit down or stop because she was too tired. And I got some wonderful pictures to use for my photography class:


Hummie said...

You captured some absolutely beautiful photos!

Rambler said...

Hi Ernie! I hope you are well.How's your saint doing,I trust he to is well also. I enjoyed your post about your visit to Callaway Gardens with your mother. I could almost envision myself being there due to your heartfelt words and the wonderful photos you took. I am also delighted to "hear" that you all were able to keep up with your mother!(:

Hummie said...

Thanks for telling me how to spell beaucoup! No new posts for you in a while!