Monday, October 08, 2007

Secretary's Retreat 2007

We had our annual Secretary's Retreat on September 28-30. Everyone was surprised to find out I can cook!! Just because I DON'T cook doesn't mean I can't. It just means that Gene is willing and I'm not. I made a wonderful minestrone soup on Friday night and a great, spicy jambalaya for Saturday night. Both dinners were really good. The cabin we used this year was super, with a screened-in hot tub and and complete wraparound porch. Every year we have had wonderful weather and this year was no exception - warm during the day (but not too warm) with cool (almost cold) sleeping weather. There were six of us this year which mean that each "couple" had a bedroom. We've been doing this long enough now that we each have our bed "partner" and we've got the trip planning down to a science. This year I was the planner (my second time) and it was almost no work at all. I even enjoyed the grocery shopping.

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Rambler said...

Jambalaya! Oh yes that's just fun to say.:) So girls just want to have fun huh? Sounds like you all did. Nice picture of you and your friends. Well now Ernie please tell your "saint" I said hello. I trust your mother is well also. Take care. Hummies HUB-E:)