Thursday, October 18, 2007

Look Out, Las Vegas

The Clay Carnival Las Vegas is getting closer and closer. I'm really excited about it this year, even more than last year since this time I know some of the attendees from last year. We've bonded into quite a group.

And I've added a new and fun polymer clay blog to my blogroll: Kim Cavender's blog. Check it out, she is such a wild and crazy and fun and wonderful and talented person. Definitely one of my heroes.


Rambler said...

Viva The Clay Carnival Las Vegas! Sounds like fun. Not to mention all the "bonding" going on!:) Hummies HUB-E

Kim Cavender said...

Ms. Ernie, Thank you for that nice compliment and for the link. You know that you're one of MY heroes too and so is St. Gene! Hugs to you both and see you soon!