Friday, January 04, 2008

Blank Page Syndrome

I start an on-line series today about art journaling. The object of the course is to do a short assignment given by the instructor every day for 21 days to get us started in art journaling and to help us make it a habit. Getting past that first blank page is always a major hurdle. Add this new series to my quest to take at least one picture a day and I might be a little pushed for time! I've never been able to journal consistently. I have a seriously strong and forceful internal censor. But since our first assignment is uber easy, maybe I can break out of what our instructor has labeled "Cloudy Thinking". I'm going to make it a fun journey so off I go, waterbrush, 3H pencil and pen in hand (not all the same time, of course!)....

And, yes, this counts as my photo for today since I took it about 20 minutes ago!

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Laurie said...

Ya know, I have always wanted to do one of these art journal classes online, but like you, am not even consistent with my blogging, let alone journaling! Let me kjnow how it goes for you and maybe I'll feel inspired to jump in for the next round!