Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm a Published Photographer!!

The instructor for the photography group that I've been participating in has put together a free photography "magazine" in .pdf format and I was published in the first edition! It's a .zip file that you will need to download but I promise there aren't any viruses or stuff like that. And it's a quick read and has some really nice photos. Check it out here: Captured. You can subscribe to her email list and you'll get a copy every month.


Laurie said...

Congratulations, Ernie! And what a WONDERFUL photo it is! All I could think was, "How the dickens did she get that great shot??" Just awesome! I also followed the links and joined Cre8it! It looks like a really neat and informative site. I would love to take every one of her classes, sigh, just need to wait for my winning lottery ticket. :) Thanks for sharing your success and the links!

Anetka said...

and of course - great photo:)