Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Makes a Good Picture?

What makes a good picture? I've studied the "rules" of composition, I've learned about centers of interest, yet, following these rules doesn't always make for a good picture. And good pictures don't always follow these rules. There are pictures that I really like that don't obey the rules and yet I really like them. Why is that? The picture shown here doesn't seem to have a true center of interest, no one thing that says, "look at me". And yet I really like this picture. Of course, I like most anything that is very colorful and these spools of yarn are definitely colorful.
I guess like a lot of things, it's a matter of personal taste. And this picture suits my taste just fine.

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Mary said...

Hi, Ernie,
I've been playing catchup on your blog and enjoying all your photographs.

I like the photo you have up today. I too like bright colors. But I disagree with you that it has no center of interest. My eyes were immediately drawn to the bright yellow top of of the spool just above the black. And it hits the rule of thirds. A good shot!