Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Gene's Inner Artist

Funny(ish) story. My Cheap Joe's art supplies catalog came the other day and I left it laying on the arm of the chair when I got up. Next day, my husband sits down in that chair and picks up the catalog. Next thing I know he's really looking at it. Now you have to know my husband, he's about as interested in art as I am in ditch digging. And about equally as artistic as he is interested. Time passes and later in the day I go upstairs to my computer and there on the printer are all sorts of printouts on "How to Draw". He's decided to learn how to draw. So I tell him I have the Betty Edwards book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Next thing I know we have matching sets of Plexiglas frames marked with a grid!!!!! Now my Betty Edwards book has disappeared into his cave den, he is the proud owner of a 16x20 sketch book, several drawing pencils, an art gum eraser and a little pencil sharpener, all from Michaels and he is beginning to draw recognizable objects. He is discovering his inner artist and he is MUCH better than I ever thought he could be. He is the kind of guy who is almost obsessive when he decides to do something so his every spare minute since last Saturday morning has been spent learning to draw. AND HE REALLY IS LEARNING TO DRAW!!


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Susie said...

That's awesome that your hubby is searching his inner art heart. Which reminds me, I haven't drawn in years. LOL!