Sunday, February 10, 2008

Never Too Old

Old dogs can learn new tricks. I'm having so much fun with my newly reinvigorated interest in photography. The digital camera age has truly revolutionized my photo taking. Can you imagine taking 150 photographs on film and then having to wait to see them while they are being developed? And then PAYING for them? And then half of them being of mediocre (at best) quality? Of course you can, we're talking just a few years ago. Not only was the camera expensive, the lens, filters, and film processing were expensive, too. Now I'm not saying that "prosumer" digital cameras are cheap, they're not, but I can take hundreds and hundreds of pictures without ever having to pay to have them processed unless I decide to print them. And if I take 80 pictures and only 3 of them turn out good, I'm disappointed, yes, but I'm not out big bucks for processing. Of course, there is a downside. You just about have to have a computer to really enjoy digital photography and I've had very few photographs that I was totally pleased with straight out of the camera. (But I'm getting better at getting it right in the camera.) And very few photos ever make it off the computer into print. But that's ok, too. I can print them if I want and if they are snapshot type photos I can upload them to Wal-Mart or some other store and print them for almost nothing. And they are always there on my EHD or a CD or a DVD (I'm a backup fanatic) in pristine form, not fading and cracking, not getting torn or abused, and when I want them they'll be available. Hey, I may become so good at this and so famous that those CDs or DVDs will be valuable! (stop laughing, stop right now, it could happen) {grin}


Laurie said...

Gotta love Digital, for OHHHHH so many reasons!!! Hey Girl! I sent you an email! Go check! :) And I hope your day is awesome!

Mary said...

I so identify with what your are saying about digital photography. There is no way I could afford photography as a hobby if I were still using film.

I've been catching up on all the posts I missed the last few weeks. I'm way behind in my blog reading.
Loved the mailboxes, and can't wait to see what yours looks like when you finish.