Monday, August 04, 2008

Above is the beautiful Hunter Museum as seen from the Walnut Bluff pedestrian bridge in Chattanooga. It sits on one of the most prominent and scenic pieces of land on the Tennessee River and is located on the site of a mansion that was once there (and I think is now part of the museum). The rock bluffs must have been even more dramatic looking when just the mansion was there - more stark and eye-catching if possible! And in the bottom portion of the picture you can see part of the River Park. Chattonooga has done a wonderful job with their river location.

No real progress with my mother's situation. Guess we are now just in a holding pattern. Physically she is doing great. Mentally - well, that's a different story. The least little bit of stress causes her to become confused and then the confusion causes a little panic. So right now we are in a holding pattern, just keeping on keeping on and hoping that time (combined with lots of prayers) will help her and us out.

I've signed up for a combination photography/Photoshop class at Callenwolde Fine Arts Center to start on Monday nights at the end of this month. I bought Photoshop CS3 about six months ago and haven't even loaded it on my computer. I'm looking forward to learning this incredibly powerful program - or in this case, to start learning the basics of this incredibly powerful program. It will be interesting to see if there is a major difference between it and Paint Shop Pro, my current graphics program.

Joy Journal: My husband waiting at the door for me with a cup of coffee when I came in from my mother's last night, tired and depressed. What a treasure he is.


Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful view from an amazing looking bridge!

Isn't it the smallest of gestures that make the grandest of impressions? You have a treasure of a man !

Blessings to you.

odd chick said...

Absolutely beautiful photograph, just breathtakingling scrumptious, almost like a fairy tale setting. You must be so excited about your class - wow, you already do fantastic photography- I can't imagine what they'll teach you - but I can't wait to see.
What is your mother's illness teaching you? Squeeze out the experience for every drop for in everything is a blessing in disquise- seek, and you will find it.

Hummie said...

That has to be really hard in being patient with "just waiting" on hold.

That's an awesome would go right along with my challenge for "photography with lines"'re welcome to find that challenge in my forums and share....

I pray that your life can be removed from stress.