Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Photo Gallery

I had a few spare minutes at work this morning so I took the opportunity to make a small photo gallery of some of the photos from Chattanooga that I thought turned out reasonably well.

And I promise that this will be my last post of pictures from Chattanooga. It's just that I have been feeling so "uncreative" (is that a word?) lately that these pictures are the only things I have to fall back on. But the good news is that I actually remembered to pick up my sketch journal when I left the house this morning. Maybe that means a little creative spark is beginning to shine.

I'm going to take the weekend of August 16-17 off from taking care of my mother - my saint of a husband is going to go down and take my place that weekend - and I'm going to chill out. Well, as much as you can chill out cleaning and working around the house. But it will feel good to get some things done at my house.

Oh, I do have some good news to post!! I've lost 15 pounds.

Now, without further ado, here are the pictures (click on them to see them in a larger format):

Great Dane Walkway

Crab Fountain at Sunset

Sky Diver

Roof Lines Jellies

Joy Journal: Thank you, Lord, for giving us coffee and Coca Cola.

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