Monday, November 09, 2009

Just Riding Around

As usual, I was at my mother's this weekend, looking after her. She is recovering very well physically from her fall and her surgery. We won't talk about her mental problems, too depressing. And speaking of depressing, she was feeling a little down because of having been cooped up in the house so much, not being able to get out other than to go to the doctor, so I decided to load her up in the car and take her riding. It is quite a production to get her to the car but I managed. We drove for over an hour, looking at the trees, commenting on how much things have changed over the years, how once lightly traveled roads are now major highways. She even recognized a few places, quite amazing when she doesn't even recognize her home of 30 years. When we came to a bridge over the Ocmulgee River we noticed a road leading down to a boat ramp so decided to take a quick look-see. And that's where I took Saturday's lunch time portrait. Rivers in Georgia are muddy brown because we have so much clay and the silt stays suspended in the water. But it was peaceful and quiet and a good finale to a good day.

Joy Journal: Good ole' Georgia boiled peanuts.


Shelley said...

Beautiful fall colors (and thanks for explaining why the water looks so muddy too).

It's good to get out and do things with your Mom. Even if she doesn't remember it, the memories will be important to you. I wish I would have done more with my mother in her final years.

Thank you for sharing these little bits of your daily life, Ernie.

Odd Chick said...

I can't believe I've been missing these beautiful photographs. I love how you balanced your composition and added so many textures to this photograph.