Wednesday, November 04, 2009

You Don't Expect a Gate Like This...

You don't expect a gate like this in the middle of an urban area right next to a downtown restaurant. On one side of the restaurant is a car repair shop and on the other side is Home Depot. So where does this gate go? It has an air of mystery about it. But, alas, it only goes to the back of the repair shop, which is a run-down, delapidated place. But it caught my eye and that's what my lunch time photos are about.

I'm taking a day of vacation from work tomorrow. It seems like forever since I had a day off that was just to have a day off. I'm going to hit the streets and visit some of my favorite places like a little (well, not so little) stamp store in Marietta, Rubber Stamp Fantasy. Then I'm going to find a place to sit outside to have lunch. Then, well, who knows. But it will be because I want to, whatever or wherever it is. And I'll have my trusty camera right along with me!

Joy Journal: Great Jerk Chicken for lunch!

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Anetka said...

Hi Ernie, I love your lunch pictures! It's a real treat to read your posts.
It's also getting colder in London, but I cannot complain. We had such a beautiful Autumn this year:) I just need a few more layers of clothes and winter boots and off we go:))