Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Downtown, Mid-Town and Uptown

My lunch time portrait today is of Mid-town and Uptown Atlanta as seen from the 55th floor (my floor) of the Bank of America Plaza. While they aren't "official" designations, you will often hear folks who live here refer to portions of the city of Atlanta as Downtown, Mid-Town and Uptown and everyone who lives here knows what they encompass. Downtown is the older, historic Atlanta. This is the Atlanta that was burned down by General Sherman and was rebuilt. It is also the location of most of the government buildings, state, county and city. It used to be the business center of Atlanta but now Atlanta doesn't have a "business center" anymore. Business is all over everywhere now! Midtown, which is where I work is just north of Downtown and encompasses a lot of the older residential areas of Atlanta plus many newer (relatively speaking) skyscrapers, etc. Midtown was the epicenter of the Hippie explosion that took over Atlanta in the 60's and is still defined by Buckhead, an area within Mid-Town that is comprised of nightclubs, restaurants, etc. Uptown is even further north and was originally defined by our earliest upscale shopping mall, Lenox Square.  You can see the delineation between Mid-Town and Uptown in the picture by the groupings of skyscrapers.  And you can tell that Atlanta, for all of it's faults, is still a city of trees. 

Ok, history lesson over for today.

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