Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not So Winter Wonderland

My lunch portrait for today came from "the archives".  The picture above was taken at my mother's home back in early November, before winter came and turned everything grey.  I walked out into her driveway and saw this amazing little mound of mushrooms growing right beside me. I hurried back in to get my camera before something could come along and ruin them (can you say "2 little rambunctious dogs"?). The day was cloudy so the colors remained good - but I miss that warmth that sunshine gives to a picture. 

I wish I could be one of those people who like winter.  But I just can't.  I hate it.  Yes, there are some things about winter that are beautiful.  But mostly it's just cold and grey.  The loss of color from the landscape depresses me.  Occasionally, a misty, wintry scene will surprise me with beauty but mostly I just find winter cold.  And grey.  And colorless.  I'm a person who craves color.  But you know, even as I write that statement, I realize that I have surrounded myself with a lot of neutrals.  My house is very, very neutral.  Lots of tans, browns, creams, etc.  My clothes are usually neutral, with a heavy dose of dark brown and black.  Hmmmm.  Wonder why?  I may just have to work on that.  Color makes me happy.  My artwork has a lot of color in it, especially reds, yellows and golds.  And I have nothing against blues, turquoises, purples either.  Not much for greens in general but a few greens I really like.  

Tonight I'm wrapping Christmas presents.  LOTS of color there!  Should be fun. 

Joy Journal: Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings for dinner last night!

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Odd Chick said...

I wished for you this last week. Well, more like, I wished for just a smidgen of your photography talents. Sweet Farmer and I went to the Texas coast and I had ample opportunities for great photos but little talent to pull it off. Glad I've got yours to keep inspiring me. Have a great 2010!