Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cold, Cold, Go Away

Cold, cold, go away. And DON"T come back another day! This lunch time portrait was made during our recent sub-arctic cold spell. Being housebound for 3 days is not fun. But at least we had power which means we had heat inside the house. And it gave me this photograph which I like very much. My mother gets very bored and with boredom comes depression and anxiety. Her poor vision combined with her dementia becomes very upsetting to her and after three days of confinement we were all more than a little tense (even Saint Gene!) and getting on each other's nerves. Fortunately, Saint Gene and I were able to get outside and walk around (but not for very long, it was too cold). However, we couldn't leave the house because our driveway (which is mountain grade steep) and the street leading to my house (which is also mountain grade steep) were completely frozen and trying to drive on them would have been too dangerous. We finally managed to get our mini-van out Sunday afternoon which was fortunate as my mother had an out-of-town doctor's appointment Monday. Once out of our subdivision, which was a hazardous trip, the other roads were dry and clear so my mother and Saint Gene were able to get on their way to her Warner Robins home late Sunday and I was able to get to work Monday morning. Today is Thursday and the ice on my street has finally melted.

Joy Journal: Watching the dogs sleeping, enjoying the glow of the warm sunshine coming through the patio door.


Anetka said...

The picture is so simple and beautiful. You really have a great eye for details and composition. It's been snowing like crazy in London for the last two weeks but the snow is almost gone now.
The days are getting longer and hopefully soon also warmer.
Have a great year ahead.

All the best,

Shelley said...

What a lovely photo, Ernie. It has a very "Zen" garden feeling! Serene and peaceful.

I'm with you - the first snow day is fun, and after 3 days, cabin fever definitely sets in! Glad you are out and about again.