Sunday, January 10, 2010

Navel Gazing

I've been wondering lately what draws me to the blogs I tend to read the most. And I've noticed that they all tend to have a lot of navel gazing going on. You do know what navel gazing is, right? A lot of introspection, self-examination, etc. Apparently I'm drawn to those kinds of things!! Of course, the fact that they also have some beautiful photography and that most of the bloggers are accomplished writers doesn't hurt. And by accomplished writers, I don't necessarily mean professional, just a style of writing that I find enjoyable. So right now I'm sitting here gazing at my navel and wondering if it will show me anything interesting to help me perk up my blog. The main thing I've discovered so far is that it's hard to type in this position.

Joy Journal: Having a good laugh at my own expense.

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