Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hola, from Houston!

Well, Saint Gene and I just returned from a mad-dash weekend in Houston, Texas.  His family has their annual family reunion on Memorial Day weekend so we decided to drive out there and back over the weekend.  My brother is finally becoming strong enough to look after my mother for a few days so we entrusted her care into his capable hands and made the trip.  

It was so good to see all of the surviving brothers and sisters.  This is the first year in a long time that all of the surviving brothers and sisters were able to come and this year the wife of the brother who died was also able to join us.  We had quite a large crowd.

We took along our newest member of the family, Ebony.  She is a shelter dog, a little 8 lb. Chihuahua, that Saint Gene got from our local animal shelter.   We were without a dog for the first time in many, many years and Gene just couldn't have that!  So now we have Ebony.  She has one bad eye (hidden under the bedspread above) but other than that she is almost the perfect dog!  She is a bundle of joy, loves everyone and everything, is well-mannered and totally housebroken!!  But we found out that she really isn't that fond of riding in the car.  But she endured the long hours and thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention she received at the family reunion.

Joy Journal:   Playing with Topsy-Turvy Tomato planters! They really do grow upside down!

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