Saturday, June 05, 2010

In the Dictionary, Defining the Word "Sweet"

She was a sweet, sweet girl.  She had some major insecurities, but as long as her daddy, Saint Gene, was close by she was happy.  We got her from the shelter, by way of PetSmart, to be a companion to Cowgirl.  (Cowgirl and Sidekick, get it?)  But her true love was Saint Gene.  When we took her to the vet right after we got her, we found out she was much younger than the shelter had thought she was.  The vet estimated her age to be about 6 weeks old, rather than 3 months.  When she grew up she had the longest legs and the skinniest body you've ever seen and she couldn't have gotten fat if she had tried. And she did try, she was definitely a chow hound!

About a year or so ago she had an episode of some sort which the vets at the emergency clinic couldn't explain - weakness, loss of balance - and from that time on she started going downhill physically.  Our regular vet did a complete workup and couldn't diagnose the problem either.  But the best guess was a stroke or cancer of some sort.  Her time with us finally ended about 2 months ago and I haven't been able to write about her until now.  And even now I have tears in my eyes.  But if God needed a sweet, quiet, loving companion, he now has one. 

Joy Journal: A good night's sleep.

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