Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Comes in Many Forms

My mother on a lazy Sunday afternoon is surrounded by love. Her sweet little Tisa (a white toy poodle) and my bundle of energy Ebony (a chihuahua) keep her warm and cozy. The blood thinner she takes makes her extremely cold natured and even with two kinda' heavy throws covering her, she still gets a little chilled sometimes. In Georgia. In the summer. With 95 degree heat outside! But she has two little living hot water bottles to help keep her warm. (Because of the foreshortening effect of the camera angle, both dogs look bigger than they really are. Tisa weighs about 10 lbs. and Ebony weighs about 8 lbs.) They make a cute picture, all snuggled up together. Of course, Tisa had to sit up as soon as I got out the camera!!

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