Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Talk about good eating! We were talking about good eating weren't we? Oh well, anyway, this bell pepper was just as delicious as it looks. Last night, Saint Gene sautéed this beauty together with some new potatoes, onions and baby carrots and good eating was had by all.

We've grown (or should I say tried to grow) bell peppers before and had mediocre success. But this year our efforts have paid off. We have green, red and yellow bell pepper plants and all them have been productive. And every time we cook one, I'm surprised at how sweet it is. "Store bought" bell peppers just can't compare. Many years ago, before the tree canopy filled in most of the sunny spots in our yard, we had a small kitchen garden (butter beans, corn and okra). Saint Gene, a city boy through and through, was shocked at the difference between fresh corn and corn from the produce department of Kroger. Now this year, I'm the one shocked by the bell peppers. Or maybe a better word is surprised. And what a pleasant surprise it is!

Joy Journal: My mother enjoying the CDs we listened to last night instead of watching TV (love me some Vince Gill)


Anonymous said...

What a great photo. The red is so...RED!

I notice that you're growing it in a container. Does that seem to help overall?


simplyred said...

Sherry, we're growing almost everything in containers because our yard is so heavily shaded. Our deck and front walkway are about the only two places that get more than just a few hours of sun. Our lot is heavily shaded and we just can't bear to cut down those beautiful mature trees.