Friday, February 04, 2011

Artist? Artisan?


For many years I've questioned whether or not I'm an "artist" (I still do). I've always felt that the term is tossed around a little too lightly. Describing myself as an "artisan" comes more easily for some reason. Maybe it's because I enjoy creating regardless of whether or not the things I create attain the level of "art" - they are things I like. I enjoy many different kinds of creative things and I'm pulled in many different ways by the things I enjoy. They all involve a lot of time and to reach the level of "artist" in any of them would involve an investment in time that I can't give - and also assumes I have the talent to reach that level. Who knows?

I enjoy my photography and recently I've enjoyed taking some of my older photos and playing with them in various ways. Cropping in tight on a certain area, bumping up the color and turning them into something more like an abstract painting. To me this is a form of creating and I like the results I'm getting, the results feel artistic. The photo above has the feel of a modern abstract painting - but it's really a photo of the side of an old abandoned house. I love it. But is it art?  Who knows?

But really, who cares? I did it, I love it and it's mine. That's enough for me.

Joy Journal: Having "The Stripper" as the ringtone on my phone. Feels naughty!


Odd Chick said...

If anyone is an artist when it come to extraordinary photographs- you are my dear!! I feel the same way about the word. It seems a little daunting to me so I call myself an art explorer which I hear in your journey also. I like artisan also. I love this piece of work.
The traveling journal is at Buffy's and will make it to you soon. What do you think about sending your own journal and everyone who participates all contributes to everyone else's book/journal? Then we could all donate it or sell it and give to our own individual causes? Anyway, I'll be getting in touch with you soon!

Vickie said...

That is exactly what an artist is, an explorer, experimenter, problem-solver who expresses herself visually rather than verbally. You'd better believe you are an "artist"! Love that picture. It moves and inspires me to explore some colour relationships.

dxpepper said...

I thought that it was a painting when I first saw it -