Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Our local Lowe's store had a beautiful display of orchids recently and I just couldn't resist taking some photos. I know everyone that walked by me in the store thought I was little crazy - I sure got some funny looks. And I gave an exasperated look myself - one woman and her husband just couldn't resist standing in front of and examining every orchid almost as soon as I tried to photograph it. Not sure what she was doing, other than driving me crazy of course. But I finally walked over two aisles, turned around and came back and they were gone. Kinda' weird.

Saint Gene gave me an orchid plant for my birthday and it STILL has the same beautiful blooms it did back in July. And the blooms are still beautiful. And, no, it isn't a fake orchid, it's a real live plant.  It's called an "Ice Cube Orchid" (that's a brand name, not a variety of orchid) and you water it by placing 3 ice cubes around the plant once a week and letting them melt. Guess it's happy living in the Hendrix Homestead.

Joy Journal: Little baby blooms on my little hydrangea that I rooted last fall!!

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Odd Chick said...

that you picked up every little design element in this fantastic orchid just really inspires me to keep trying with my camera!