Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Ghost of It's Previous Self

Ghost of Itself
I stopped for lunch at a somewhat deserted off ramp on I-85 a week ago (Waffle Houses are usually pretty safe places even on "iffy" interstate off ramps). While eating I noticed this apparition on the wall of a closed service station across the street - the ghost of a way of life that is almost gone.

I'm going to be trying my hand at doing a page in an artist journal soon. An on-line friend, Odd Chick, has an art journal round robin going and I'm taking part. Should be a lot fun if only I can come up with something worthy of putting in it - Odd Chick is a true artist and I'm looking forward to seeing her journal!! Of course, somehow or other I'll need to incorporate my photography on my page. I have some ideas but won't really know what I'm going to do until I receive the journal and see the format. But I'm excited about it! And I'm going to start one of my own journals circulating.  That way I'll have one of my own to keep when it's finished!

Joy Journal: Venti whole milk vanilla latte


Shelley said...


I love your eye for seeing intriguing images wherever you go. I've been very uncreative of late, and your images always make me want to pick up my camera and view life through the lens again!

Speaking of journals, I am spending the weekend downloading the video lessons from Jessica's Love To Journal 1 & 2 which I signed up for, but never followed through on actually journaling. Just re-reading the lesson titles is making me excited to carve out some play time though.


Odd Chick said...

I showed this to my husband- because I still can't believe your eye- he was amazed as we moved through your blog showing your awesome photography. You are truly gifted. I wish more people had an opportunity to see these gorgeous photographs. You've got to get them out there some way. People deserve to see beauty in everyday objects- and you are a master.