Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Just Can't Stop!


I just can't seem to stop taking pictures of old, rusty or worn out things. Things that need a paint job, things that have been abandoned or abused.  I'm in a rut but so far I'm loving that rut!!  I just love playing around with the photos, even if you can't tell what they were originally.  The item above is another view of the side of the old abandoned building that I showed you in an older post. I'm thinking of taking a third view that I have and making a series by mounting the three of them on some 8x8 wrapped canvases that have been painted black. I made three of the canvases (with different photos) and gave them to one of my bosses for Christmas.  I LOVED  how they turned out. And she special ordered a fourth one - she apparently liked them, too. So, now I can't go a week without going to Michael's and buying an 8x8 wrapped canvas (OK, sometimes I cheat and go twice in one day - thank you, Michael's, for those 50% off coupons last weekend!).  Today is Saturday (my getting out and shopping day), and one of the first things Saint Gene said to me this morning was, "What time are you going to Michael's today?"

The art journal came yesterday in a beautifully hand-decorated envelope.  My mind is just spinning with things I want to try, now to get it to stop spinning and settle on just one of them.

Joy Journal: My Nikon lens coffee mug


Anonymous said...

I love the rut you're in ;-)

Great idea about mounting a grouping on the 8x8 wrapped canvas.


Odd Chick said...

Definitely a great rut. Stay rutted- rooted or whatever you are in beauty and enjoy the journal process. I love you for participating and sharing with me- I will paint you a dear girl in return.