Friday, March 11, 2011

Doorway To ...


Another one from the archives. It's hard to believe that this door is on one of the newer buildings in our little downtown. However, the newer building was built as an attachment to an older building and I guess they decided not to go the expense of building a new, updated door in the back of the building. Whatever the reason, I like the look of it. But, yikes, I sure hope they've updated the electrical system.

Tomorrow I plan to work all day on the roaming art journal. I've set aside the entire day (with time out to use my 50% off coupon - Can't let that go to waste!) and hope life doesn't intervene and get in my way. Laundry will just have to wait.

Joy Journal: 30 minutes extra sleep this morning

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Odd Chick said...

beautiful doorway. you caught every single squiggle in that wood. i hope things worked out for you to have time to play art, but if not, the time will come. take care!