Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Little Tiny Rant

I was talking with an artist today who has a relatively popular blog. She was complaining that comments were down lately even though according to her stats her readership was still high. I tried to sympathize with her, but found I really couldn't. I read her blog regularly and I've commented on it fairly often. But she has never once commented on my blog, I'm pretty sure she has never read it even though we are friends and she knows I have a blog. And when I responded to her complaint by asking her how many blogs SHE comments on, her answer was that she was just too busy to comment a lot. Being the quiet, shy person I am I immediately asked her, "Do you think you are the only busy person around? Don't you think your readers would enjoy an occasional reciprocal comment from you on their blogs? Don't you think it's a little one-sided wanting people to comment on your blog when you don't comment on theirs?" (Tactful R Not Always Us) I'm not sure I got through to her and I am suffering slight pangs of "rudeness" remorse. But only slight.

No, I'm not begging for comments - this isn't about me or my blog. I guess it's more a rant against rampant "It's all about me" self importance.

Now I'm climbing back down off my soapbox and will return you to regular programming in my next post.

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Sherry said...

Good on you!

Linda said...

Shy, quiet? LOL! Glad you told her what you thought!


Odd Chick said...

You are so thoughtful about comments- I can see why that would push some buttons for you. I loved the "rudeness" remorse quote- I'm going to remember that one!