Friday, April 15, 2011

Constant Companion


I was playing around with my iPhone today, and just like everyone else I have to have "Hipstamatic" as one of my apps. I didn't really intend to take this picture, after all a photo of my mother in her hospital bed isn't something most people would really want to see. But the poignancy of this vignette really got to me so I'm posting it. My mother's constant companion is her little 10-year old toy poodle, Tisa. Where my mother is, Tisa is. Always. And that just seems to come across in this picture. Tisa has integrated beautifully into our household, loves our dog, loves us, but she is absolutely bonded to my mother. And this picture seems to capture her total devotion better than any picture I could have taken on purpose.

Joy Journal: Hanging basket tomato plants

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Odd Chick said...

this made me miss my sweet Annie so much. She was always with me, especially when I was sick- she wouldn't even leave to eat at times and Greg would have to bring her food. also, it really is a bittersweet photo. all of us can relate to all devotion this photo holds.