Friday, April 29, 2011

Jungle Exploration


When you weigh every bit of 8 lbs., the world is a big, big place. And Ebony (also known as Dora the Explorer) intends to investigate every inch of it that her legs (and our fence) will allow. She absolutely adores being outside exploring the "back forty", wandering through the jungles of monkey grass and impatiens, her little black spiky tail going 90 miles an hour. That little tail is often the only thing we can see as she travels her special trails in and out of the flower beds, weaving her way through the forsythias, down through the Solomon's seals and out the hydrangeas. When we first got her we weren't sure she could bark. She can. Believe it. It's not a very effective bark, but she barks. She and Harley (our back yard neighbor dog) have a wonderful time standing at the fence shouting insults barking at each other. Harley probably weighs about 40 lbs. to Ebony's 8 lbs. but she isn't at all convinced that he's bigger than she is and she KNOWS he's not tougher. Their little barking sessions last all of 10 seconds then they both go off on their merry way, with a kind of "let's do it again soon" joie de vivre. I've never been around another animal (human or doggie) that lives as joyfully as this little sweetheart. She has a lot to teach me about living life to the fullest.

Joy Journal: 70 degree weather with beautiful blue skies.

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