Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Our garden is mostly in containers and here you can see some of the Earth Boxes lining our front walkway. We tried them for the first time last year and found they are perfect for us. The original 5 were pilfered from my mother's patio. We thought we would at least give them a try and find out if we liked them. Well, we did and we did (try them and like them, that is). Our yard, as you can sorta' see on the upper edge of the picture above, has lots of large old trees and lots of shade. Only the areas closest to our house get any significant amount of sunshine. And we like it that way. We bought this house because it had those large trees around it and it had a wonderful creek for a property line. (Another picture for another post.) But those same wonderful trees mean that gardening, which is all about sunshine, is quite a challenge. Hence, container gardening. We are now the proud owners of 11 Earth Boxes and 16 round plastic terra cotta-looking containers. The ones you see above are on the front walkway and they will soon be joined by three more (we're trying the red covers to see if they really do increase production), all with tomatoes in them. Choosing between house guests walking up the walkway and tomatoes? No contest. The tomatoes will always win. The round containers are on the deck behind the house. We should have some serious amounts of tomatoes and bell peppers this year. And if the container with the cumcumbers works out, I guess I'll have to learn to make pickles! Hmmm.

Joy Journal: Saint Gene serving me breakfast on the deck.


Robin Hrabik said...

Love your tomato box idea -- I'll be trying that! Also, you posted on the SVG Cyts forum about "action wobbles". They are the little things that you put behind an embellishment on a card, and it makes the item wobble. Just found them myself, and if you send me a note, I can give you a link to get them. Also, there are videos on YouTube where you can see people using them.

Sandy said...

Ernie! I can't believe I literally stumbled upon your blog here! I was watching some tutorials, clicking on the links from people's comments and saw this adorable pic of your doggie and thought of how much she looks like my little Jax and began reading - then I looked at your name and thought...gee, that sounds awfully familiar...Little did I realize it was my own "sister"!!! Hee hee. This is Sandy, Vickie Turner's daughter. I'm so glad to have found you here. Your pictures are gorgeous! I hope you're doing really well! (((Hugs!))) Sandy

Odd Chick said...

wow, you found a neat and beautiful way to have a tomato garden. i love it!!