Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Feeling of Softness


There's such a soft feeling about spring, the beautiful pastel colors, even the air feels soft. I sit on my deck (loving this retirement) and the light surrounding me is soft. I rooted a cutting from one my hydrangeas over the winter. This spring, while still indoors in the window, it produced a beautiful soft pink bloom. It's hard to convey just how soft this pink was - but it will disappear the next time it blooms. Our soil is naturally slightly acidic and hydrangeas turn blue once they are planted. And planted this little beauty is. Saint Gene put it in one of the flower beds and I can't wait to see it produce its beautiful soft blue blooms this summer.

Joy Journal: A really short haircut!


Linda said...

Wow, I can't wait to have your lifestyle. Growing vegetables, flowers, sitting on the deck, sleeping in. I'm so happy that you are enjoying it!

Shelley said...

Beautiful photo, Ernie. It conveys the soft pinkness in a lovely way.

I'm so happy that you are settling into retirement with such enjoyment (a bit envious too I must admit).

I'm a short hair person too...nothing feels better than a nice, new, super-short "do".