Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I've Been Dismissed

Rope & Hook

Another picture from my Old Barn shooting session. Got a little busy the past few days (hey, I'm retired and that isn't supposed to happen!) and didn't have time to process the remaining pictures from the shoot.

But I did manage to make it to the doctor and he dismissed me. Said my knee is doing well and I should expect to have some soreness and swelling for another month or so but that it would be less and less. I love my orthopedic surgeon. He gives me Tootsie Pops and has the most wonderful sense of humor. He came into the examining room, looked at my knee, moved it around, stood up and told me, "Get out of here, I have patients who really need a doctor!" He was, of course, joking but I love the fact that we can do that! As I was walking out, he gave me my Tootsie Pop and said, "Now don't eat too much sugar!" I had that sucker finished before I reached home.

Joy Journal: A 4-inch long cucumber growing on our vines!


Odd Chick said...

Yeah! so happy you are on the mend and going to be out and about thrilling us with your great art and photography.

Sherry said...

Glad the knee is doing well.

About the rope photo - were you sitting in a nearby tree to get that shot?