Sunday, June 05, 2011

We're Perfect Together


He's laid back and easy going - I'm uptight and "assertive"
He understands how electricity works - I know if I flip the switch the light comes on
He built his woodworking shop - I supervised
He's a hard worker - I'm good at naps
He can drink iced tea without sugar - I'm from the deep South, for Pete's sake, iced tea needs lots of sugar
He can do algebra - I can use a calculator if it isn't too complicated
He's a doer - I'm a dreamer
He reads instruction manuals from front to back - I jump in with both feet and assume I'll figure it out
He's an early bird - I'm a night owl
He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt - I give them the doubt
He plants things - I buy plants
He waits on me hand and foot - I let him
He drinks his coffee black - I have to have cream and sugar
He has an identical twin - there's only one of me, thank goodness
He brings me coffee in bed every morning - I drink coffee in bed every morning
He likes to sit on the deck - I like to sit on the deck
He loves me - I love him

See, we're perfect for each other.

Joy Journal: Electric blue hydrangeas


Odd Chick said...

you both sound delightful! and I'm glad you have your perfect match. There is nothing worse that a bad marriage and absolutely nothing better than a great one.

Linda B said...

A match made in heaven!

Shelley said...

It's wonderful to hear the love in your words whenever you write about St. Gene. Your relationship sounds like it's a joy for both of you.

Sherry said...

A beautiful and loving poem.