Friday, October 07, 2011

Don't Go Alone

Dillard House
Oh my goodness! Whatever you do, don't ever go to the Dillard House alone. See that massive spread on the table in the photo? It was all for me and only me. The Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia is one of the famous country eating places in Georgia so I decided on my trip up yesterday to stop there for lunch. I knew they served family style and that usually you sit at a table for eight with your party and other people. Well, they sat me alone at a table for two (which I much preferred) and started bringing out the food and they didn't stop until the table was completely covered - and the photo doesn't show the dessert! There were two large pork chops, two beautiful pieces of fried chicken (including a wishbone, haven't had one of those in years!), a bowl of pulled pork barbecue, two slices of country ham, a bowl of speckled butter beans, a bowl of green beans, a bowl of homestyle potatoes and onions, a bowl of mashed sweet potates, a bowl of cole slaw, a bowl of apple salad, a bowl of tomato and onion salad, a bowl of something suspiciously like squash (squash makes me sick so I didn't check it out), a bowl of Brunswick stew, and a baked apple and they were going back for the fried okra which they forgot but I stopped them. Did I mention a huge basket of biscuits, dinner rolls and cornbread and the fresh apple butter that came with it? The dessert would have been blackberry cobbler but I begged the waitress NOT to bring it to the table. And, deliver me from evil, they even offer refills!! When I finished you couldn't tell the bowls had been touched!!!! Then the waitress offered to box up all the leftovers and send them home with me. Was it good, you ask? Oh my heavens, yes!

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What an amazing spread! Everything looks so delicious, and just down-home tasty. The leftovers must have been enough to feed two or three! There's no place in our part of the country that even comes close to a meal like this.