Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm not sure exactly what kind of hawk he is but I do know that he's pretty self-confident. I was walking outside the Dillard House a few weeks ago looking at the farmland out in front of me when I noticed him sitting on the fence. He noticed me, too, but chose to ignore me. No way I could ignore him, there was just too much temptation to try to get a close up picture, so I employed my best "cat sneaking up" moves and managed to get close enough for several good shots of him before he decided he had done enough posing. He would gaze out over the farmland, probably looking for prey, and I would advance a few steps. He would turn sideways and look at me and and I would stand very still. We repeated this little scenario probably 5 times before he left. I've seen hawks before, but I've never been around one that didn't seem at all nervous at having me so close. I was afraid the camera shutter noise would scare him off but he ignored it. Hawks are big birds and this one seemed huge. And powerful. And so, so beautiful.

Joy Journal: Beautiful red maple leaves

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