Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost Finished

Just have a few little tweaks left and the transition to total new blogger platform (which isn't so new anymore at all) will be done. Just need to add my blogroll (updated), my Flickr slideshow and my Relay for Life links and I'll be good to go for right now.

Like the new header? Like the old one better?


Joy Journal: Breakfast at the Waffle House - I'm easy!


Anonymous said...

I liked the old one best. Waffle House - yes!! I love watching those cooks go.

Gaelyn said...

New header is nice. Really liked the last one. Change is good.

Just Jane said...

I'm too new to remember the former one so I'm voting on the new!

Shelley said...

Ernie, I'm torn on the header. I love your photography, so the new header is great...but, I REALLY liked the old one too. It had a certain mysterious quality that attracted me.

But change is good and invigorating sometimes.

I'm curious...what is the origin of the Gypsy Gold Studio name?