Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Dangers of Shooting Manual Mode

The Gypsy Mermaid
There's a certain danger in shooting manual mode. You have to pay more attention to what you are doing as well as what you've already done. Ask me how I know this. The above photo is a good example of what I mean. What I was doing was shooting in manual mode in beautiful full bright sunshine and what I had already done was shoot indoors with the white balance set to "incandescent." What I didn't do was set the white balance back to either auto or sunshine. What I got were some very blue pictures of what otherwise would have been an interesting subject, The Gypsy Mermaid. Live and learn - I hope.

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Sherry C said...

Because of the blue cast this almost looks like an underwater scene - except for the trees.

Shelley said...

It looks rather psychedelic to me, and it seems to fit with the subject matter. The Gypsy Mermaid evokes a sort of 1969-ish road trip flashback mood. Maybe not what you were hoping for, but I like it anyway!

Shelley said...

Forgot to mention that I've done the same thing before. I have a very bad habit of not checking my camera settings, and getting some "interesting" results.

Bravo to you for shooting in manual mode...I know I should experiment more, but I rarely attempt to go completely manual.