Thursday, November 03, 2011

Old Trucks

I still don't understand my fascination with photographing old, rusty vehicles. But I guess I don't really have to understand it, I can just enjoy it when I find a good subject. These two old trucks were sitting in the front yard of a home outside of Asheville, NC. When I stopped to photograph them the owner of the home came out and we chatted a little about the trucks. Seems they belong to the previous owner who is supposed to come get them in the near future. Apparently, the previous owner expects to sell them for a goodly amount of money. When I told the property owner that I was glad I got there before they were hauled away, he told me that people often stop by to photograph them. What? You mean I'm not the only one doing this? (just joking, I know old vehicles are popular subjects) The current homeowner didn't find them nearly as interesting as I did. He just wants them off the property, said he was tired of his yard looking "red neck". I can understand that. Being a great photo subject doesn't make them great yard art. But I'm still glad I got there before they were gone.

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Shelley said...

I'm glad you captured those wonderfully rusty trucks before they disappeared. I think rusty relics make some fine yard art, albeit a bit redneck perhaps.