Monday, November 14, 2011

I Spy

If I had my "druthers", I would have these in bunches all through my house. They are paper stars with lights inside them. They are wonderfully, gloriously colorful and fun. And expensive. And I love them! They grace the windows of the Chevron Trading Post & Bead Company in Asheville, NC. Their home page has a nice picture of the store taken at dusk with the lighted stars that makes me want them even more. Guess I had better start playing the lottery. If you look closely, you can spy the photographer in the photo - she forgot to put on the polarizing filter to cut down on reflections.


Joy Journal: Warm sunshine


Linda B said...

Oh my - so beautiful! I'm so happy you are blogging.

Gaelyn said...

Those really are fun. Seems like you could figure out how to make them.

Sherry C said...

Google cut paper star ornament and you'll discover lots of options.