Friday, December 09, 2011


I didn't realize it myself for a few days, but now I know that I am on a blogging and internet vacation. My brain's supply of ideas has dried up and the inspiration isn't coming. So I'm going to just sit back and recharge the old (literally) batteries. Gonna play with my toys rather than the computer. Gonna get paint under my fingernails and glitter on my nose and maybe even make a book or some cookies!!

See you again after Christmas.


Joy Journal: Cranberry Walnut Breakfast Bread


Shelley said...

Heartfelt wishes for a beautiful holiday season for you and your family. Happy playing too...enjoy your paints and glitter and some Christmas goodies too....and perhaps a battery re-charging hot toddy or two also. Merry, merry!

Gaelyn said...

Enjoy the time and the holidays. And please share the cookies.

Just Jane said...

That fire pit looks mighty tempting!

Enjoy your blogging vacation and have a delightful time creating beautiful things (I hope you'll share some pictures with us later).

Happy holiday, Ms. Ernie!

Linda B said...

Enjoy yourself!!

Sherry C said...

Enjoy the break, and the holidays. We'll be here eagerly awaiting your return.

Mel said...

Uh, yeah, it's after Christmas so when can we expect new Ernie musings?! ;-D