Friday, January 20, 2012

Last One (for awhile)


Promise, I won't make you endure another painting for awhile. At least for a week or so. It'll take me that long to get another one finished. (Gotcha!)

This is the completed uncompleted painting I talked about in my last post. It is now completely completed and ready to be framed. But since framing would bankrupt my 401K, framing won't happen for awhile. Until I can afford framing, the painting resides safely inside my portfolio. I spotted the old truck behind a chain link fence one day when I was out on a photo shoot and just had to get a picture of it. Since the gate that went inside the fence was unlocked and standing partially open I went in and made myself at home for a few minutes. The property was a car junkyard, not a private home, and I didn't have any evil intentions so I felt ok about doing that. I love both the resulting photographs and the painting. Kinko's did a great job scanning it even if I did have to wait on it - no instant gratification on the scan job. I was a little nervous about possible damage to the painting when I found out that it is run over a roller to be scanned unlike using a flatbed scanner, but it came through in great condition. I'm so glad I was introduced to Linda Baker's DVD. Fluid acrylics don't EXACTLY correspond to watercolors but it isn't that difficult to make the change from one to the other.

Now off to start on my newest new project since my old new project is finished!

Joy Journal: Saint Gene having fun with his Christmas present from me.


Gaelyn said...

I like the truck, and the painting. So is this acrylic that looks like watercolor? And just how big is this painting?

Odd Chick said...

This is one of the most beautiful paintings I have seen in a long long time! You are absolutely amazing! I have the video but I can only hope that I can achieve a fourth of the success you have brilliantly conquered. Please don't stop. Painting or sharing! You have a gift and you have a responsibility to grace the world with it!

Just Jane said...

What Odd Chick said. You have a tremendous gift!