Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Word - 2012 Edition

No, I did not take the above photo, it's from the internet. But it explains my "One Word" so well.

I've decided to make "Finish" my "One Word" for 2012.


verb (used with object)
1. to bring (something) to an end or to completion; complete: to finish a novel; to finish breakfast.

A little background, in case you need it - Someone somewhere started the "One Word" thing (I don't know what else to call it) some years back and it consists of choosing one word that you want to incorporate as part of your life for the coming year. So for 2012 my word is "Finish."

Now you may be wondering why that particular word. Well, you see, I have a tendency, a very strong tendency, to start lots of projects and never finish them. That's one of the reasons my studio needed such a major decluttering. I get excited about starting something new, about learning a new process or technique, about the possibilities of something new. And then after I've worked on the new thing for awhile, some other new project catches my interest and if the original project isn't finished, well, I'm still ready to be finished with it. So the original project goes on a back burner, "I'll finish that next week", and a new project gets started. But the original project gets forgotten, the "new" project loses that initial spark and, lo and behold, a new new project gets started. And now there are two unfinished projects waiting for my attention.

So I'm turning over a "new" leaf on "old" projects. No more new ones until some of the old ones get finished. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a painting that was so close to finished that it was sad. But it had hung on the wall (by a clip, not framed) while I started the clothespin painting. In the spirit of my new word, I completely finished the clothespin painting, completely finished it, scanned it in and got it stashed away, then took the old truck painting and completely finished it. Now I'm finishing another almost finished painting and will have it done by tomorrow morning. Yes, I have a new painting all lined up and ready to start. But it will have to wait. I have to finish what I've already started.

Joy Journal: Comfortable sweat pants


Gaelyn said...

Great image and good choice for your one word. You are on your way already.

I too have been guilty of many unfinished projects while the new grabs my attention. So recently, I just haven't started many new projects.

Just Jane said...

*laughing* I just sent this to Acr0nym. He has so many projects and activities that peak his interest, he occasionally forgets to finish. Decluttering has definitely helped him start finishing what he starts.

Great word! And congratulations on finishing your projects! I'm looking forward to what you have to show us.

Linda B said...

I love your style!