Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Am I Finished?

Am I finished with this painting? I think I am. It's hard sometimes to know when to quit, when that one more step would be one too many. And If you go that step too far you often can't take it back. This painting was somewhat of a problem child. It's 8"x10" and I once again discovered that using Linda Baker's technique on a painting this small creates problems. It's hard to get a clean line with the masking fluid. On this particular painting I actually added too much paint in one step and due to the small surface I couldn't control the mixing. The paint over-mixed and turned into an ugly brown. Which meant I had to add a lot of color after the masking fluid was removed so I wouldn't have a basic brown painting. And "brown" is not me. It might be fine for the pinecones I plan to do, but I was going for color this time. (Have I mentioned more than a few hundred times how much I like color?)

The past week has been quite a productive one for me. And tomorrow I get to start a new project. I've finished all of my old ones and it is quite liberating. Of course, now I need to catch up on house cleaning. But that can wait until the weekend. Retirement means I can do things in reverse if I want. So I do. So there.


Joy Journal: Two days of bitter cold winter temperatures and now back to the 60s. Love me some warm.


Gaelyn said...

Retirement means you don't Have to do housework at all, right?

I like this painting, but agree with the thought of more color. But then every time I try to mix paint I get mud.

Odd Chick said...

I think this is really lovely in it's steely colors! I need time to try this method. You are such a perfectionists and I am not so I'm afraid. I think it would be good for me though.