Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Ernie and I'm a Workshopaholic

I absolutely adore going to workshops and learning new techniques and doing new projects and being around other creative people. The photo above is of a kimono-inspired pendant I made in a workshop this weekend with Karen Woods at Creative Journey Studios. We learned to make our own screens for silk screening and then used the screens to print on polymer clay. We made several sheets of polymer clay in all different colors and with different designs (sometimes 2) screen printed on them (I made 8 different sheets). Then we cut them up and reassembled them to make whatever we wanted. I chose to make a pendant in the same style as those made by the instructor and I really, really like it. It isn't finished yet - I know, I know, "finish" is my word this year - but this time I have a good reason. The bail I ordered to use with it hasn't come yet so I can't finish it until the bail comes. I have enough printed polymer clay left over to do at least two more small projects and maybe more. And every pendant needs a coordinating (not matching, coordinating) pair of earrings, right?

But you know, as much I love the learning and the making of the project, I love being around creative people even more. I love the electricity that is in the air when we gather and play with ideas and the conversations include "Does this look better this way?" and the "Wow, that is gorgeous, I'm going to have to try that." I love the moments when someone says something silly and we all simultaneously get the helpless giggles. I love the feeling when the lightbulb over my head goes on because now, yes, finally, I see what the teacher means. That's why that happens, because I did such and such. I love the way one idea feeds off of another one and we learn things even the teacher didn't expect. I'm signed up for another workshop at the end of March and that seems much too far off. Now I'm off to catch up on my sleep. I actually had to get up early two mornings in a row!!


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Gaelyn said...

Crafty is inspirational! Love your kimono pendant.

Just Jane said...

It's fun to think about participating in that kind of workshop where everyone is inspired by everyone else and just enjoys laughing and creating together.

I'm glad you had a good time and wow! That pendant is dynamite!