Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I paint my paintings, make my jewelry, play with my polymer clay and I think I've made something beautiful. Then I see what nature produces and I realize my efforts pale in comparison. But it also inspires me to keep trying, to keep adding my little touch of beauty to the world.

The beautiful pink and white camellias (they are more pink than in the photo) immediately catch your eye when you look out into the back yard. Together with the early blooming daffodils, they brighten an otherwise grey landscape. Winter is my least favorite time of year, but beauty like this makes it bearable. I wish I had three or four more of these gorgeous plants.
When real spring gets here Saint Gene and I are going to try our hand at air-layering on this plant to see if we can't get them. It's a new technique for us, another addition to our gardening knowledge.


Joy Journal: A great nap


Gaelyn said...

Can't say I'd try to Compete with Nature when it comes to art. But.... you do a great job of interpreting it.

Not much for winter either. Like your colorful flowers.

Linda B said...

My joy journal: reading Gypsy Gold Studio blog!