Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Winter That Wasn't

I can't remember a warmer winter. Ever. And while on a long term level it's kind of scary, on the immediate short term level it has been wonderful. I'm so not a winter person. I don't like cold weather. And being able to walk around in t-shirts and jeans with no jacket in January and February has been wonderful. And March is continuing the same pattern. I know that we could still get socked with a late freeze/frost. It's certainly happened before - we've had snow in mid-April - but I'm enjoying seeing the beautiful green sprouts on the hydrangeas and watching the budding blossoms start to fill out and open on the azaleas. I'm loving sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine, walking around the house barefooted and being retired. It's really amazing sometimes how little it takes to make me happy. A nice, warm day, a good cup of coffee brought to me every morning. A short winter.


Joy Journal: A quiet evening

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