Monday, March 26, 2012

She Was So Beautiful

Everyone at the funeral said I look just like her. I don't think I do. But I would be happy to be as beautiful as she was. She left us sometime during the early morning hours Wednesday, March 21. She went home peacefully and in her sleep. And now her brain is no longer tormenting her. Now she's back to singing like she used to do as she went about her day. I'm sure her new home has a beautiful garden and she has her hands in the dirt making it even more so. And, oh, how much I miss her!!!


Joy Journal: Faith


Anonymous said...

She was and you are!! Keeping yo in my prayers.

Linda B

Just Jane said...

Ms. Ernie, I am so very sorry for the loss of your mom.

Sherry C said...


I am so sorry. Having lost her bit by bit as the dementia stole her memories doesn't make the final loss any easier.

Odd Chick said...

Hi sweet lady! I'm sorry to hear that you lost your mom but I can hear the hope and strength in your words. It was a hard ending, but a good passing. And her beauty lives on in your face, your words and your art.