Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Different Style

More of my jewelry. This is an inro I made from polymer some years back. It was meant to look like old patinaed wood and it still remains one of my very favorite pieces. It comes apart just above the center point and the lid slides up and is held together by the cord. I went through a period of making these quite regularly. I sold the one shown below (and I've always been sorry I did because I very much wanted to keep it!!). And now I'm feeling the urge to make more. The construction process is a little involved (what my friend Jo would call "fiddly"), but I find it satisfying and love the finished results.



Joy Journal: A beautiful day for deck sitting


Sherry C said...


Just Jane said...

Again, gorgeous.

I would certainly buy one of these. Let me know if you start making them again.

Odd Chick said...

Outstanding craftmanship! your very detailed eye gives the gift of class to everything you touch! If I could borrow just one of your eyes for the day, I know it would improve my art!